Bike Tours Zanzibar

Adventure cycling – Short trips.

Enrich your Zanzibar holiday by exploring the island by bike!
Cycling tours allow you to explore unique places on the island off the beaten track. You will ride on paths that even many locals don’t know about!

Visit the Mangrove Forest, Jozani Rain Forest or go dolphin spotting in Kizimkazi by bike!

For passionate bikers, enquire about our special 7 days bike holiday bringing you all around the island.

Underneath tours start from the South Coast, since from here there is  easy access to the mangrove forest, Jozani rain forest with red colobus monkeys, Kizimkazi dolphin spotting, Michamvi sunset sailing  and many other spots worth visiting.


Off road and On road – 6-8 hours
This adventure cycling on the Southern tip of Zanzibar explores the jungle like forest and dolphins. You will pass the soulful villages Makunduchi and Kizimkazi with its red clay huts surrounded by banana plants.

After a 60 to 90 minutes ride from Jambiani you will arrive to the secluded Kizimkazi beach and step into a boat in the search for the dolphins that come here to rest and eat in the shallow waters. Since they is wild animals all interaction happens on their decision but in 95 % of the cases the dolphins show up.
After a local lunch we will head back and after 40-50 minutes you will reach the green, airy and jungle like forest and pay a short visit to its sweet water caves.
After another 20 minutes you will arrive back to Jambiani.


After 90-120 minutes you will reach the lush and green Jozani forest, home for the indigenous red colobus monkey who allow you to come really close exploring their tree life. We will take a walk in the amazingly lush rain forest and also cross the bridge in the managrove forest.
Another small reserve, Zala park,  will be reached after 30 minutes. Rich vegetation of trees such as orange, lime, grapefruit, nutmeg, banana etc. and big pythons, chameleons, geckos, tortoises, crabs, dik-dik (mini gazelle-like animals) will meet you.
After and hour or two we will head back to Jambiani.

Contact us for more options and tailor-made tours departing directly from your accommodation!

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