Safari Blue

Join The Safari Blue Crew for an epic day of aquatic activities.
After years working with our partners we have perfection to fine tune the experience for our clients, whether they want to relax, party, kite surf or celebrate special occasions.

Since 1996, Safari Blue always has been able to provide their customers with a truly memorable experience using the best Zanzibar has to offer, while making a positive difference to Zanzibar and its people.
The original Safari Blue operator is the only one fully licensed and registered and their huge success has sparked a fleet of copycat boats and operators, but they are just that.
Safari Blueis operated buy professionals with years of experience and passion about their unique product.

Safari Blue Activities:
Sail, snorkel, swim, sunbathe, explore, feast, observe, play…
a Safari Blue day is packed with adventure. Menai Bay is scattered with isolated sandbanks, rugged island scenery, uninhabited islets, pristine marine life and crystal-clear turquoise waters.
  • Snorkeling and swimming
    Glide through the warm Indian Ocean and gaze at the abundant and diverse marine life through translucent waters.
    We snorkel over two different reefs in the morning. Take advantage of our Crew’s expertise as they guide you to the best viewing spots.
  • On the sandbank or the Kwale Island beach, relax and bask in the sun under the clear Zanzibari sky. From the sandbank, boat and Kwale island, the day is filled with opportunities to play in the stunning waters.
  • Sandbank
    Mid morning, we arrive at a large powdery sandbank. From here enjoy the pristine sand, swim in the shallow waters or simply lay on the beach and relish the warmth of the tropical sun.
  • Dolphins
    Menai Bay is a marine-protected area and a sanctuary for humpback and bottlenose dolphins. Dolphins are seen on 90% of our trips.
  • Sunbathe
    Kwale island and seafood barbecue lunch
    Kwale Island is a great place to explore – climb an ancient baobab tree, walk along the beach, view coral formations and discover hermit crabs scurrying about.
  • Feast on the famous Safari Blue traditional Zanzibari seafood buffet including slipper lobster, grilled fish, calamari, chicken, rice, Spice Island tomato sauces… and more.
    For vegetarians, enjoy a green banana curry with rice and maize meal cakes. Enjoy fresh fruit juice, beer and soda. Eat and drink as much as you like. Afterwards, sip on Amarula and coffee.
  • Ngalawa sailing
    Weather permitting, sail on a traditional double-outrigger canoe used by local fishermen.
  • Dhow Sail
    On your return to Fumba, the crew raises the lateen sail while you make a leisurely voyage back as the sun sets on your glorious day in paradise.

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