Jambiani Villas

The Concept

At Jambiani Villas, we provide our guests with the exclusive opportunity to experience their vacation like never before.  Our concept is based on eco-friendly sustainable living principles and utilizes a modular approach to vacation booking.  Because all of our villas are self-contained units, guests have a wide variety of booking options.  You can rent a villa as a private holiday home or as a full-service villa with a selection of amenities.

The VillasJambiani Villas North Kaskazini and Jambiani Villas South Kusini are located in the charming beachside village of Kibigija.  Both properties are situated right on the beach, and all the villas have spectacular unobstructed ocean views.
The villas are brand new and both properties have swimming pools and lovely tropical gardens. Each villa has a living area, two bedrooms with in suite bathrooms, and a kitchen. Guests can take in the scenic views from the terrace and open the five-meter sliding windows to let in the refreshing sea breeze.Modular Booking OptionsAre you planning a romantic getaway?  A reunion of family and friends?  Or just craving some peace and quiet on a remote tropical island?  No matter what type of vacation you envision, our modular booking concept allows you to plan your dream vacation and create an experience that is perfectly tailored to your wishes.Do you love to cook?  Would you like to do your own shopping in the Zanzibar markets? Perhaps you would like to be pampered with a private chef, or book our delivery services.  Would you like to have breakfast in the privacy of your ocean view terrace, or visit one of our partner restaurants?  Jambiani Villas offers an array of choices that can be combined in a variety of ways according to your individual preferences.  Do you need a housekeeper, laundry services?  With our modular booking options, you can decide which if any, of our additional services you would like to utilize.Atmosphere

To fully enjoy the majesty of these tropical surroundings, we bring the spectacular natural colors to the interiors of the villas.  We envelop you in the soft greens of the coco palms, the vivid blues of the sky and ocean, and the warm earth tones that characterize this paradise.  For the traveller who wishes to be a part of this magnificent place, our location is ideal for taking in the scenes of daily life in this Zanzibar village—fishing boats returning to shore, our beloved beach cows roaming out front, women working on their seaweed farms at low tide.  The soothing ocean breeze lulls you into relaxation in this most tranquil setting.


The Jambiani Villas project is much more than just a tourist venture.  We give top priority to the local community through a variety of social and environmental support measures.

The majority of our staff come from Jambiani and were educated in local training institutions.  Our villas are built and maintained through eco-friendly sustainable methods.  We use local materials such as coral stones and coconut wood for construction and all the furniture is handmade by local craftsman.  Solar power provides electricity and each villa is equipped with a solar water heating system.  The water supply comes from our local well.  We grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables in our garden, and work closely with local suppliers for fish, meats, and other vegetables for our guests.  We recycle through Zanrec, a local company specializing in waste reduction on the island.


Jambiani Villas Kaskazi (Nord)Jambiani Villas North Kaskazini is located in village of Kibigija, directly on the beach. These four 90 square meter villas are equipped with two bedrooms, each with an in suite bathroom, and a large lounge area with a dining table, sofa, and kitchen. When you enter the villa you will be struck by the spectacular view through over nine meters of open roof.  All the villas have sea views and private outside space.  During low tide you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool, or cool rinse in your private outdoor banana shower.


Living Area Ground Floor

• Fully equipped kitchen with solar fridge and gas cooker
• Coffee and tea facilities
• Lounge area
• Dining area with safari chairs
• Terrace with lounge chairs and tables
• Sliding windows with mosquito nets and wood shutters

Bedroom Ground Floor

• Large bedroom with beautiful coconut flooring
• King size bed or two single beds with mosquito nets
• Ceiling fan and air conditioning
• Dressing table / desk with mirror
• Seating area
• Wardrobe
• In suite bathroom with spa shower and toilette
• Windows with mosquito nets and wood shutters
• Outside area with outdoor banana shower
• Secondary separate entrance/exit

Master Bedroom First Floor

• Large bedroom with private terrace
• King size bed with mosquito net
• Ceiling fan and air conditioning
• Dressing table / desk with mirror
• Wardrobe
• In suite bathroom with spa shower and toilette
• Sliding windows with mosquito nets and wood shutters

Food & Beverage

Jambiani Villas North Kaskazini is equipped with a BBQ area and a small kitchen.  There is also a restaurant onsite where guests can order food and beverages, for those wishing to book this option.

For those who wish to book the basic villa package, the Jambiani area has many small  restaurants and bars where you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, small snacks and cocktails.

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