Gourmet Experience

Zanzibar Gourmet was born spontaneously in the free time of a group of friends living in Zanzibar, all of which having a strong passion for food.  Among them are various players in the local hospitality industry, some of them top chefs operating in Zanzibar.

It all started as a more playful experimentation with the islands ingredients – away from professional obligations and constraints such as food concepts of hotels.

Several times this ended in special dinners with ten to thirty friends invited, where various chefs from and beyond the island started to delight with creative multi course tasting menus in our favorite locations. Happening in a completely informal and barefoot luxury environment,  these occasions present a highly enjoyable combination of top ingredients, skillful preparations and dream locations.

The resulting evolution was, in cooperation with trusted local operators, setting up a tour  called ‘Taste the spice island’ to friends from overseas to show the incredible variety that makes the tropical Zanzibar into the ‘spice island’. By involving star chefs from gourmet temples  around the world to come and explore the spice islands ingredients a handful of selected guests will have an insight into the creative approach from ingredient sourcing to the tasting menu.

In the future we hope to establish a line of products, selected from the top ingredients available on Zanzibar, that we aim at distributing overseas through fair trade principles to encourage local producers to focus on top quality products.
In this regard we cooperate with TCA (tanzania chef association), UWAMWIMA (farmers association tanzania) and AMINI ALAMA (permaculture project) among other organizations.

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