Emerson On Hurumzi

Once known as Emerson & Green, Emerson On Hurumzi is a quaint, deluxe accommodation for guests culturally holidaying in the heart of Stone Town Zanzibar. It is nestled in the midst of the residential houses and accessed via labyrinth alleys. Formerly owned by a wealthy Ismaili merchant (Tharia Topan) in the mid-1800’s, the mansion is one of the higher buildings in this yesteryear settlement and forms part of the buzzing island ambience. Their Tower Top Restaurant offers you sweeping views of the white and red-rust rooftops of the many ancient buildings mingling with mosque minarets, church steeple and Hindu temple dome with the Indian Ocean gleaming a gorgeous turquoise blue in the distance.

Emerson On Hurumzi is actually its third renewed accommodation name after a change in ownership in 2014. It was also formerly called 236 Hurumzi. Today’s Emerson is still every bit the authentic Zanzibar dwelling with lovingly painted murals on the walls along with carved furniture and netting-covered bedsteads, all that will completely enchant you. Enjoy living in a house on your authentic tour of Tanzania that has intricately carved doorways adorned with metal studs and high placed latticed windows that accord perfect privacy.
They have 16 rooms for guests located in three wings. The Main House has 10 rooms including suites in all, each with en-suite bathrooms. They have an additional 6 rooms in the adjacent Hurumzi Wing on the uppermost floors of the house. Your stay at the Emerson Hurumzi will seem like an experience straight out of the Arabian Nights and will be as memorable for a long time to come.

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